What is a Seed Phrase

If that happens, your wallet will erase all data including your private keys and crypto accounts. That’s why you need a good backup of your seed phrase, even if not planning to keep your coins for the long term. You might need to recover your wallet in some situations like when you lose access to your digital wallet or it’s damaged. In these cases, having your seed phrase is crucial for regaining access to your funds and ensuring the security of your digital assets.

One copy might go in their personal safe at home, and another copy goes into a safe located elsewhere, like a climate-controlled storage facility. It is essential to keep both the private key and the seed phrase private and secure. Anyone with access to your seed phrase can get into your wallet, and with your private key, they’d be able to withdraw any funds held there. For those prioritizing high security, especially in scenarios involving significant amounts, manual generation methods like calculators and dice offer a more controlled approach.


The choreography of seed phrases adheres to the BIP-39 standard, fostering harmony across diverse wallet platforms. As the backup key to your crypto treasure chest, it’s paramount to safeguard this phrase diligently. At its core, a seed phrase is an ensemble of seemingly arbitrary yet chosen words.

For example MPC wallets like ZenGo store the second key share on their servers. So, theoretically, if a hacker was only able to acquire one half of the key, they would be unable to approve any transactions without ZenGo’s permission. A seed phrase is your last resort when it comes to accessing the keys to your crypto. Should you ever get locked out of or lose your crypto wallet, your seed phrase can get you back in. Write it down (in the proper order!), and guard that paper with your life to ensure it never falls into the wrong hands. This includes keeping the paper containing your seed phrase safe from fire, flood or anything else that could render it unreadable.

Can Someone Access My Crypto Assets With Just My Seed Phrase?

One interesting fact about seed phrases and BIP39 is that, given the 2048 words chosen for the list, only the first four letters really matter. When storing your seed phrase, you can get away with only writing down the first four letters. Experts have suggested that noting down the phrase created through a seed phrase generator in a wallet is easier and paper. Most important of all, you can avoid the unnecessary complexities of storing your seed phrase with paper as long as you take care of the security of the paper itself. Long-tail keywords are more specific and can often be easier to rank for.

  • In the early days of bitcoin, users relied entirely on the private key for sending BTC.
  • All Unchained-supported hardware wallets—Trezor, Ledger, and Coldcard—fully support the BIP39 standard and have well-documented external recovery practices.
  • All of the top wallet makers, for good reason, strongly encourage users to write down their seed phrase on paper and store it for safekeeping.
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  • In this blog post, we’ll demystify the concept of seed phrases, explore their importance in managing cryptocurrencies responsibly and safely, and dive into best practices for securing these vital tools.
  • It sounds like you could get at least someone’s seed phrase if you just give it enough tries.

All you will have to do is get a new hardware wallet and import the original seed phrase. The software inside the wallet will then restore your previous balances as you can recover your private keys from https://www.tokenexus.com/ the blockchain. A seed phrase is a group of random words generated by your crypto wallet when you first set it up. It should be considered a “master key” to your wallet and everything inside it.

How Can I Generate a Seed Phrase?

Users can access their crypto wallets by using the private key, which confirms their address. There are many types of crypto wallets, such as web-based or hardware wallets. For example, if you lose your hardware wallet, you can buy another wallet and use the seed phrase to verify the ownership of a blockchain address.

What is a Seed Phrase

If something were to happen where you lost access to that wallet (e.g., forgetting your login credentials), there would be no way for you to recover those Bitcoins without the private key or seed phrase’s help. The Metamask seed phrase is generated using BIP39, a protocol that enables the creation of mnemonic phrases and What is a Seed Phrase converts them into a BIP39 seed phrase. If you lose your MetaMask account, you can restore it using this phrase. Once you do that, you will be able to retrieve all your tokens, addresses and transactions. Before diving further into what exactly a seed phrase is, it is important to understand what a crypto wallet is.

Seed phrase vs. private key

If this wallet was a multisig wallet, the contingency plan would not be possible. Yet, while this does offer another layer of protection, it still requires the participation and permission of the trustee — a fact that self-custody maxis like to point out. The main purpose of seedless wallets is to help users lighten that security burden. Like the seed phrase, these options still require more responsibility than traditional banking, but they use innovations aimed at removing the central point of failure in conventional seed phrase wallets.

These devices strike a balance between security and user-friendliness, making them a preferred choice for many. Since your seed phrase is the only way to recover your crypto assets if you lose access to them, it’s worth as much as they are, so it should be treated accordingly. The piece of paper or metal with your seed phrase should be stored like any other valuables you own, whether in a safe at home, at the bank or in a secret hiding place. We strongly encourage readers to follow the best practices for seed phrase security discussed in this blog post.

Private keys are a digital signature that is stored on your crypto wallet that allows you to access your crypto from its blockchain network and authorize transactions. The easiest way to understand the definition of seed phrase in crypto would be to reflect on how crypto wallets work. Cryptocurrencies introduced the concept of a peer-to-peer cash system, enabling users to control their digital assets.

  • Crypto owners can also face the need to switch their crypto wallet to another device or application.
  • You can also keep many crypto addresses in the same wallet, protected with a single seed phrase.
  • Once a seed phrase is generated and used to create your wallet, it becomes the permanent key to access your funds.
  • The seed phrase of today’s wallets typically contains 12, 18, or 24 random words.
  • Digital asset markets are highly volatile and can lead to loss of funds.
  • When you change wallets or replace one that has been damaged or deleted, you simply enter the 12 or 24-word phrase in the same order, proving ownership of the private keys for the crypto you held.
  • They not only enable the recovery of wallets in case of loss or damage but also ensure that users maintain absolute ownership of their assets.